MySize Inc. (NASDAQ: MYSZ) Partners With India’s Leading Logistics Provider, Delhivery, for BoxSize Solution

MySize Inc. (NASDAQ: MYSZ) has announced a partnership with Delhivery, India’s leading supply chain services provider. Following the partnership, MySize’s AI-driven BoxSize solution will offer the Delhivery team tools to enhance efficiency and boost operational management. 

BoxSize enabled logistics companies to maximize space on packaging 

Notably, MySize’s BoxSize enables logistics organizations to use resources and manage logistics strategically while also safeguarding the environment and their bottom line. Interestingly, the parcel measurement tool evaluates both volume and dimensions, improves delivery efficiency by assisting operations teams incorrectly packing a vehicle to maximize every possible inch of space. In addition, BoxSize has barcode scanning, image capture capabilities, and GPS tagging. As a result, reduced emissions and fuel consumption and a validated chain of custody increased operational efficiency, resulting in fewer half-filled trucks, better real-time resource allocation, and fewer emissions.

MySize CEO and founder Ronen Luzon said, “MySize’s handheld sizing solutions instantly transform any delivery driver or warehouse employee into an expert logistics planner. By putting this solution directly into a Delhivery employee’s hands, we’re empowering the people responsible for a parcel’s journey with a critical tool for success and that’s intended to provide a significant number of businesses in India with the best possible delivery experience.”

Collaboration adds to MySize’s in-house tech

The collaboration between MySize and Delhivery adds to MySize’s popular in-house technology solutions for visibility and ERP procedures. The fact that Delhivery chose Boxsize is a tribute to the solution’s value, given the company’s position as a leader in delivery and logistics technology. BoxSize will give Delhivery’s B2B staff important information, allowing them to enhance loading efficiency and boost real-time operations visibility easily. MySize’s measurement tech is driven by various AI algorithms and the latest tech that allows its to records and calculate measurements in several ways.