AmmmPowerr Corp (OTCMKTS: AMMPF) Appoints Zhenyu Zhang As Chief Technologist and To Build Ammonia Production Plant In Porto Central

AmmmPowerr Corp (OTCMKTS: AMMPF) has announced Dr. Zhenyu Zhang’s appointment as the company’s Chief Technologist. Zhenyu, who attended the Colorado School of Mines, is a catalytic membrane reactors development specialist for effective ammonia decomposition and synthesis. 

Zhenyu appointed AmmPower chief technologist 

As AmmPower chief technologist, Zhenyu will oversee the development of proprietary ammonia production catalysts tech at the company, such as cracking or hydrogen releasing ammonia dissociation tech. Zhenyu’s position at the company received support from industry experts and academic innovators, including Colorado School of Mines professors and Saud Aramco science specialists. 

AmmPower President Mr. Bharti stated, “Dr. Zhang is truly a global leader in the green ammonia space. As Chief Technologist, Dr. Zhang will help lead our incredible team in the delivery of novel, economical, and scalable solutions in bringing green ammonia to our near-term customers around the world. AmmPower is incredibly fortunate to have someone as distinguished as Dr. Zhang join the company.”

AmmPower building ammonia production plant in Porto Central

The company has also signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Porto Central for green ammonia production, storing, and distribution plant development. Porto Central is located in Espirito Santo state bordering Rio de Janeiro. The project is built as a deep-water multiuse industrial complex with access to future railways, highways, and important infrastructures. Porto Central is likely to accommodate various industries and terminals that will effectively serve strategic economic industries such as energy generation, offshore support, oil and & gas, and many more.

AmmPower will deliver the green ammonia tech that will support port energy solutions that include green ammonia fuel production for shipping. In addition, the liquid bulk terminal called “Porto Central Energy Terminal” Porto Central will enable AmmPower to move clean ammonia and hydrogen across the region where needed.