Ultrack Systems Inc (OTCMKTS: MJLB) Concludes Reprogramming of its DriveLineELD Invention

Ultrack Systems Inc (OTCMKTS: MJLB) concludes reprogramming of its DriveLineELD product as per the reorganized values and necessities.

New testing protocol for commercial trucks

FP Innovations counseled Ultrack that a transformed analysis practice was obligatory to get authorization. However, the OBDII added the analysis procedure to the process, and as per the Government’s order dated January 2021, this analysis procedure was not a requirement. 

Adding the OBDII analysis procedure to the J1708/J1939 was a multifaceted job since the OBDII was initially intended for cars and light Lorries. The OBDII attaches to the engine control module (ECM) and desires the data that it needs. 

The J1708/J1939, intended for commercial Lorries and heavyweight gear, unceasingly sends statistics out in a continuous stream. Ultrack’s DriveLineELD chip obligatory reprogramming to 1) distinguish the different automobiles linked to and 2) comprehend if the data is being demanded or expected from a continuous stream. 

The company has completed 400 tests successfully

The FP Innovations authorization analysis process consists of 3 segments of experiments which totals roughly 450 customized assessments. Ultrack has resolved to perform these assessments in-house before submitting its reprogrammed DriveLineELD for authorization. 

Currently, it has achieved 400 in-house assessments efficaciously and forestall, concluding the added tests by mid-July. It will submit its reprogrammed DriveLineELD for documentation once all analysis has successfully been finished.

Ultrack CEO Michael Marsbergen observed: “Reprogramming our DriveLineELD chip and accomplishing 400 positive tests has been an unexpected task. Making sure we pass on each assessment, fixing any connected errors that have nipped up and finishing variations along the way has been a time-consuming procedure.”

Marsbergen added, “I’m satisfied that we are near conclusion. All of us here at Ultrack are tremendously buoyant that we will attain fruitful authorization and will announce the obtainability of this and other industry disrupting products in the near future. I am dedicated to keeping investors well-informed of any and all progresses and evolution.”

Ultrack Systems Inc. is a supplier of GPS pursuing solutions. It grows, executes, and dispenses electronic observing and tracking schemes for companies in rental, conveyance, building, discarding, and many other facilities compelled businesses.