iMD Companies Inc. (OTCMKTS: ICBU) Upgrading its Mining Rigs and Expands Chia Farming

iMD Companies Inc. (OTCMKTS: ICBU)  board has approved the upgrade and change of the company’s servers to add new mining rigs for mining serves alternative coins and crypto. 

iMD to create its cryptocurrency coin

Following the recent BTC gains, the company is upgrading its GPU mining rigs to support BTC mining and alternative coins. Most importantly, the company is committed to using its servers in mining some of the most profitable coins currently with the ideal solutions that will boost the company’s bottom line. In addition, the upgrade will help the company in developing its iMD Crypto Asset/Utility-based coin. 

iMD’s development of its coin is going on well, and it will launch soon. The company plans to produce 100 million coins at the initial coin offering. The company will back the coin with assets, and the iMD coin will be backed or tethered by a range of assets from Ethereum, Bitcoins, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin. The coin will be sued in financial transactions, trading and the company will ultimately create a reward for users and those transacting with it. Notably, iMD plans to build an exchange that will sell, trade, and transact within the company’s cryptocurrency system. Currently, iMD is looking to add its exchange to its portfolio in the coming weeks. 

iMD expanding its Chia Farming with Orem

Recently the company entered a Master Network Service Agreement lease with Utah Data Centre, Orem. iMD is delighted to expand its Farming and Chia plotting activities at a facility on the internet mainstay. Notably, the Network Operating Center is super-efficient with ultra-high-speed. The location’s advantage is the speed of utilizing Fiber internet at the company’s Chia Farming. 

With the commencement of the service agreement, the company expects its 500 hard drive capability enclosure to be complete with rack mount serves in June. imD will source additional 1000 hard drives for server enclosure build at the facility in two months.