Medigus Ltd (NASDAQ:MDGS) Stock is In News: Now What?

Technology firm engaged in advanced medical solutions, electric vehicles and charging solutions, Medigus Ltd (NASDAQ:MDGS) on July 30, 2021 announced privately held company engaged in biological gels, Polyrizon Ltd, owned partially by Medigus, showed pre-clinical data from its earlier announced pre-clinical study demonstrating potential to lower risk of coronavirus.

The study was done in Israel for one month and tested various formulations of highly differential biological gel compared to controlled groups for protection against virus.

Data showed that the product works in a dose-dependent manner and Polyrizon tested some prototypes of lead platform against Covid-19 viruses.

Medigus also announced that Charging Robotics Ltd., its wholly owned subsidiary, has completed proof of concept, showing capabilities of its electric vehicle wireless charging robot.

Demonstrated system comprised of a robotic platform capable of navigation on its own. The platform has an energy transmitting coil, supporting electronics and batteries. Other component of the system is EV simulating unit, housing target batteries to be charged, including supporting electronics and energy receiving coil.

Charging occurs maximum when coils are perfectly aligned. The entire process showed efficiency of 93% at a power of 1Kw. After this, Charging Robotics will go ahead with a commercial pilot project and also increase system power from 1 kW to ~13-Kw.