Graphene Manufacturing Group (GMGMF) Stock Moved Up 25%: Here is Why

The Graphene Manufacturing Group Ltd (OTCMKTS:GMGMF) stock emerged as one of the stars last week and it is likely that the stock is going to be on the radars of many investors today.

Last Friday, the Graphene Manufacturing Group stock soared by 8% as investors piled on to it and helped take its total gains for the whole week to as much as 25%. Although the gains recorded by the stock are eye catching, investors need to note that there was no news about the company last week and hence, the entire rally might have been speculative in nature.

The last major news about Graphene Manufacturing Group actually emerged back on July 14 when the company announced that it was in the process of getting the equipment for a testing plant and pilot production of the Graphene Aluminium Ion Batteries.

The company went on to state that it came to the decision to go ahead with the pilot project after the publication of highly positive performance results and positive feedback from customers. Graphene Manufacturing Group added that it aims to come up with commercial prototype of the product before the end of this year. Investors could keep an eye on the developments regarding this project.