Q&K International Group Ltd (NASDAQ:QK) Stock Bounces Back After The Recent Fall

Chinese long term apartment rental operators Q&K International Group Ltd (NASDAQ:QK) announced yesterday that its annual general meeting for 2021 would take place on September 15, 2021 at 8 in the morning, Beijing time.

The announcement seemed to have come as a positive trigger for the Q&K International Group as investors piled on to it yesterday and sent it soaring by as much as 11%. The annual general meeting is going to be held Suite 1607, Building A, No.596 Middle Longhua Road at Shanghai in China. In the announcement from the company yesterday, the company also laid out the subjects that are going to be under discussion.

One of the items on the agenda is going to be the report submitted by the directors at Q&K International Group for the fiscal that had ended on September 30 last year. The report in question is going to contain the audited financial statements for the fiscal year and also the report that had been prepared by the auditors.

Such discussions can often prove to be highly beneficial for the company’s shareholders and hence, the optimism around the stock on Tuesday was perhaps understandable. It now remains to be seen if the Q&K International Group stock can continue to record gains or not.