Eco Depot (OTCMKTS: ECDP) Acquires Development One Nanotechnologies And Energy, Inc., And Stock Jumps 21.57%

Eco Depot (OTCMKTS: ECDP) stocked jumped  21.57% last night to $1.0200 in heavy trading, almost double its daily average, after it announced that it acquired private coatings manufacturer Development One Nanotechnologies And Energy, Inc., buying all of its outstanding common shares. The move came one week after it named Hadelin Carlos Diericx Trouyet new President and CEO, with a focus on continuing business development and acquisitions through international organizations. His goal is to establish an international network to acquire companies related to energy efficiency and carbon reduction.  

Diericx said of the acquisition, “We believe this is a great addition to our product lines, this is the future of concrete, one of the many solutions to the U.S. Infrastructure crisis that will reduce our carbon footprint for future generations, creating added value for our shareholders.” ECDP is a green technology company interested in funding and acquiring companies that seek to protect the environment. 

Development One Nanotechnologies And Energy, Inc. is a perfect fit with ECDP’s eco-friendly primary product, marketed by subsidiary Bronya Canada Group, The Bronya Climate Shield Façade Product thermal paint coating in the battle against Climate Change through energy conservation. It is positioned as an eco-friendly paint line designed to greatly improve energy savings when applied to a building’s foundations and walls. The company is also involved in 3D Printing plus Nano Coatings and Advanced Concrete. 

Private firm offers complementary eco-friendly Development One Nanotechnologies And Energy, Inc., aprivately-held Wyoming company, which manufactures coatings for the industrial space and the oil and gas industry. Its coatings strengthen parts by 300% and lower friction/is less abrasive, the company says. It also specializes in R&D for nano carbon atoms and polymer products for the coatings and construction industries.  

In addition, ECDP reported that Development One has also developed a proprietary additive for cement and plans rapid expansion in that sector. The product decreases pour needs, increases strength and delivers more life expectancy for down hole cement, the company said. The market size in this sector has been estimated in 2020 as being $1.2 billion, the Company said. 

In addition, Development One has secured major development partners in Canada and already signed with a major cement pumping company in the U.S., it said.  ECDP says a research study projects that the global Anti Abrasive Anti Corrosion Market was valued at $43.5 billion in 2017. 

ECDP said of Diericx, “His focus at Eco Depot is to build the business internationally by establishing partnerships in different regions and with new clients, suppliers, institutions, governments, and NGO’s for a strengthened value-added network to extend our reach beyond North America.”

Recently, ECDP announced “excellent ASTM test results for its Bronya Climate Shield Facade environmental thermal paint line product” from its wholly owned subsidiary, Bronya Canada Group.

Eco Depot (OTCMKTS: ECDP) said that the line’s excellent rating at the SEREX Labs, a Canadian government approved testing center, will mean this product will be at the forefront of construction industry and enable the Company to reach its goal of cutting energy consumption and cutting carbon emissions. 

ECDP has been aggressive in commercializing the thermal paint line. This includes everything from a new production/distribution plant in Montreal, a first time appearance at the National (International) Hardware Show and prime positioning at World Stage conferences. ECDP ’s first micro-production facility in Montreal, to open in Q4 2021, will be capable of producing $40 million annually. 

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