Top 5 Biomass Stocks On The Run: VKIN, NEPT, CNEY, CREG, CDXS

This morning, investors are going to be swept up with the number of stocks that they could possibly start tracking. However, it is often a good idea to perhaps reduce the list to a manageable number and look into a few stocks. Here is a look at three stocks, which made the news and which you could consider tracking.

Viking Energy Group (OTCMKTS:VKIN) is perfect for any speculative investor searching for ESG investments. The diversified green company has made three recent acquisitions; a carbon capture system that produces sellable commodities from carbon emissions, a medical waste treatment device called the ‘OZONE’, and a Green Renewable Diesel Production Facility in Reno that it is extremely close to closing on. VKIN has a lot of potential market shifting events potentially in the near-term horizon.  So now is the time to start your research on VKIN.

Neptune Wellness Solutions (NASDAQ:NEPT): One of the stocks that could be in focus today among investors is the Neptune Wellness Solutions Inc stock.

The company, which is involved in the development of plant based lifestyle products, announced yesterday that it had made Julie Phillips the new Chairman of its Board of Directors. In this regard, it should be noted that Phillips was an existing member of the company’s board. Michael Cammarat, who is the President and Chief Executive Officer of the company, noted that Phillips had been of immense help with regards to guidance and industry contacts for Neptune Wellness.

CN Energy Group Inc (NASDAQ:CNEY): Another stock that could be worth tracking today is that of CN Energy Group Inc. Although there has been no news about the company this month so far, it is perhaps necessary for investors to note that back on January 31 this year the company had actually made a major announcement. The company announced at the time that its fully owned subsidiary company Zhejiang CN Energy New Materials Co Ltd had managed to complete the construction of a manufacturing facility. It was a significant announcement at the time and one that investors could keep in their minds.

China Recycling Energy Corporation (NASDAQ:CREG): The China based industrial waste to energy solutions providing company China Recycling Energy Corporation could be an interesting stock to track for investors currently. That being said, it is perhaps also necessary to note that there has been absolutely no news about the company for a long time. It was back on February 23, 2021 that the company had come into focus after it announced that it had managed to raise as much as $38 million by way of a private placement offering.

Codexis Inc.  (NASDAQ:CDXS) stock is on the move over the past week with a jump of over 10%. However, the stock is still down 22% in the past month. The company is all set to report its fourth quarter and fiscal year 2021 financial results on Thursday, February 24, 2022, following the close of market.

Codexis management will host a conference call and webcast at 4:30 p.m. Eastern Time to discuss the Company’s financial results and provide a business update.