Mass Megawatts Wind Power Inc (OTC:MMMW) Closed up 69.06% on Soaring Volume Trending Today

One of the stocks to have emerged as one of the major movers on Monday was that of Mass Megawatts Wind Power Inc (OTC:MMMW), which clocked gains of as much as 69.06% amidst massive trading volumes.

If the trading volume rises along with the share price then it is possibly an indication that the stock may well be worth looking into. In this context, it is perhaps important to point out that there was no news about the company on Monday and in fact, the rally may appear a bit random or speculative to many investors. Hence, it may be a good move to perhaps take a look at development from earlier on in the month.

Back on July 8, the company announced that it had decided to join the Corridor 9/495 Chamber of Commerce. The decision to join the chamber was fully rooted in the fact that Mass Megawatts Wind Power wanted to expand the range of sales opportunities.

The Chamber is well known for providing a wide range of marketing outlets as well as business opportunities to its constituent companies. That particular development may have come as a source of considerable encouragement to market participants and may have been one of the factors behind the rally that was seen yesterday.

Earlier on the back on June 22, Mass Megawatts Wind Power had also come into the news that the single axis decision of its sole tracker could scale up effectively and curtail costs as well. It may be a good time to keep an eye on Mass Megawatts Wind Power.