Blue Water Petroleum Corp (OTC:BWPC): Top Stock On Radar For October

Blue Water Petroleum Corp, (OTC:BWPC) is a global environmental technology provider and patent aggregator in the United States, Canada, and Europe. The company’s three divisions focus on the multi-billion-dollar Oil and Gas Sectors and their effluent recycling needs, at both the national and international levels.  Specializing in the treatment of contaminated water in the oil and gas industry in Alberta, Canada, and in the United States, Atakam Group Inc. develops and implements modular pyrolysis systems, incorporating hydrocarbon recovery and recycling technologies offering sustainable and innovative solutions. One of the companies which could be worth tracking by investors at this point in time is Blue Water Petroleum Corp (OTCMKTS:BWPC). It is a diversified company with varied interests and could make for an interesting proposition for enterprising investors. At this point in time, Blue Water operates a total of three divisions and each of those divisions has its own specialties.

The first one is Blue Water Holdings Inc (Alberta Canada), which is involved in providing wastewater treatment to the oil and gas industries. Another division is Atakam Inc based out of Wyoming which provides pyrolysis and sludge technologies by way of customized modular facilities. Last but not the least, the third division is Aquora Inc based out of Wyoming which is involved in acquiring patents and also involved in global technology.

In this regard, it should be noted that as far as the Atakam division is concerned, it is mainly concerned with the technical and scientific laboratory that it had under its disposal. Inside the framework of the said laboratory, the company is working on the creation of a wide range of projects that are going to be independent of each other. That being said, the projects are going to be connected with the common goal of assisting inventors and scientists.

On the other hand, Blue Water Holdings is involved in providing a very vital service that goes towards helping in maintaining the quality of water. The wastewater that is released from oil wells, as well as drilling rigs, can often lead to the generation of toxins and pollutants and that, in turn, leads to the lowering of water sustainability.

The company’s ultimate goal is to treat water in such a way that it can be sent back to the environment for practical purposes like irrigation.