General Enterprise’s (OTC: GEVI) “Mighty Fire Breaker” Adds Cloud Based Monitoring and Telemetry To Its Wildfire Defense Systems

General Enterprise’s (OTC: GEVI) “Mighty Fire Breaker’s™” MFB-31-CitroTech® fire elimination formulation system is installing its Cloud-Based Telemetry System on a multi-million dollar property in Sonoma, CA. to Wildfire Defense System.

Over the course of the past months, General Enterprise Ventures Inc (OTC: GEVI) has mainly come into focus among investors from time to time mainly due to the sort of work that had been done by its subsidiary unit Mighty Fire Breaker.

The subsidiary has been successful in coming up with the very first environmentally responsible fire-resistant solutions named MFB 31 CitroTech and yesterday there was a major new announcement on that front. The company also has Wildfire Defense Systems in place which helps in spraying the chemical. Yesterday, the company was in the news after it announced that its Wildfire Defense Systems were now supported by tank monitoring and cloud-powered telemetry. In addition to that, the systems would also be supported by a mobile app which would allow property owners to kick the sprinkler systems into action quickly.

The company announced that the new features would help in the integration of a 900 MHZ Sensor Network to the cloud features so as to offer a long-range feature. This way it would be possible for property owners to operate, monitor and activate the Wildfire Defense Systems remotely. It goes without saying that the availability of these new features would make the products even more attractive to a number of customers.

It is going to be interesting to see if the General Enterprise Ventures stock can manage to come into focus among investors over the course of the coming days following this significant announcement or not.