One Step Vending Corp (OTC:KOSK): Top Stock To Watch In 2023

The vending industry is an interesting proposition for investors to delve into as the world grows more and more automated owing to technological advancements. However, in order to get into such an industry it is necessary to first discover publicly traded companies that are involved in the sector. One pure play vending industry-related company at this point is One Step Vending Corp (OTC:KOSK), which is headquartered in Harrison in New York, and registered in Carson City in the state of Nevada.

The One Step Vending Corp stock is currently listed on the over-the-counter OTC Pink Tier market and trades under the ticker symbol KOSK.

It could be a good move for investors to learn a bit more about the company before deciding on its stock. One Step Vending Corp mainly generates growth through cooperative agreements and acquisitions. These moves are made by the company only with such entities which present the necessary potential for growth and sustainability.

That enables the company to continuously expand on its market share as it grabs more entities under its fold through partnerships or acquisitions. In this context, it is also important to note that One Step Vending Corp also provides financing to its subsidiaries and the operational support that is necessary for business success.

While One Step Vending Corp is involved in the vending industry, it is specifically involved with the CBD segment of the industry. It seeks to offer state-of-the-art CBD products and is looking to create a network of businesses that work together as a cooperative.

The self-serving vending company made a significant announcement last year on March 23 when it revealed that it had signed the second vertical farm order following the acquisition of 51% stake in Light Leaf Farms. It was another move in the right direction that was aimed at boosting the company’s revenues.