Greenlink International (OTCMKTS:WSHE) Stock In Focus After Recent News

The launch of a new brand is almost always seen as a momentous event and could lead to attention from investors as well. One of the companies to have come into the news cycle recently was Greenlink International (OTCMKTS:WSHE) which announced that it had launched the ‘Mamma Needs a Minute’ brand in the Washington State market.

Trading Data

On Friday, WSHE stock lost 11.92% to $0.0115 with 30K shares, compared to volume of 192.10K shares. The stock moved within a range of $0.0115 – 0.0129 after opening trade at $0.0129.

Greenlink Launches “Mamma Needs a Minute” Brand, Meeting Demand for Women’s Cannabis and Hemp Products

The Herberry, one of the premium retail outlets in Washington, had been created by some of the top companies in the cannabis sector and it became the first such outfit to start offering the brand that had been created by Kim Flores, who is also known as The Hemp Housewife. The launch of the brand is meant for meeting the demand for women’s cannabis and hemp products.

The Chief Executive Officer of Greenlink International spoke about the development as well and noted that Mamma Needs a Minute was an indication of how well-rounded its offering of brands was. He went on to note that the feedback that Greenlink had got was that the industry is ready to support the offerings from Kim Flores and get rid of the negative perception of cannabis and hemp products. It remains to be seen if the Greenlink stock experiences any action today.