GRN Holding Corporation (OTC:GRNF) Stock In Focus After Recent News

Although there have been a lot of difficulties in the cannabis sector over the course of the past couple of years, there are some companies that may still be worth tracking. One of those is GRN Holding Corporation (OTC:GRNF).

The company had recently completed a merger with Marijuana Inc. to create a new consolidated company. It was in focus on Tuesday after it announced that it had decided to go on a joint venture with the well-known cannabis sector operator One World Legends. In the news release from GRN Holding yesterday, the company noted that the joint venture was a significant step in shaping the future of the cannabis industry and promoting growth and innovation.

The Chief Executive Officer of Marijuana Inc., Donald Steinberg, spoke about the development and expressed his excitement about the potential of the joint venture. He noted that the company had been working for two years with One World on the project. One World is best known for having some of the more famous cannabis strains like Columbian Punta Roja, Jamaican Lambs Breath, Acapulco Gold, and Thailand, among others.

Currently, One World is working on the development of 20 more of the most famed hybrid cannabis strains in the world, and the project is ongoing in Columbia. Government inspectors in Columbia have noted that the licensed farm of One World cultivates the biggest range of highest-quality strains they have witnessed, as per Steinberg.

The strategic joint venture that the two companies have decided on could help bring about a paradigm shift in the marijuana industry. Through this advancement, One World would be able to combine its cannabis farming skills with GRN Holdings’ expertise in market insights and other technological know-how. It may be a good time to start keeping an eye on the GRN stock.