Probe Gold Inc. (OTC:PROBF) Stock Gains Momentum: Now What?

In recent times, there has been sustained interest in gold stocks among investors, and there are a number of companies that could be tracked at this point in time. One of the companies could be Probe Gold Inc. (OTC:PROBF), which made a major new announcement last Friday. The company was in the news cycle on March 28 after it announced the appointment of a new director to its board of directors in the form of Shannon McCrae.

The appointment went into effect immediately. In the news release, the company provided a detailed look into McCrae’s credentials as a professional. It could be a good move to take a look into the details. The company noted that she was a professional geologist who had also been an executive in the mining industry with experience spanning more than a quarter of a century. Her considerable expertise is varied. She is an expert in early-stage exploration and also in mine sites for a range of different commodities. In recent times, McCrae has been involved in advancements in mining and exploration work through Athena Geoscience, her own company.

Additionally, she is also a member of the board of Atacama Copper and Boart Longyear. In the past, she had been the Director of Exploration and Growth at the exploration giant Barrick Gold. At Barrick Gold, she had also been a member of the senior Global Exploration and Growth team up until 2019.

She had also been engaged in senior executive positions at De Beers Canada and had worked as the Vice President of Business Development at the firm Novamera. The Chairman of Probe Gold, Jamie Sokalsky, spoke about the appointment as well. He noted that the company’s board of directors was eager to welcome McCrae as the newest member. He also noted that everyone at the company was pleased with her joining.