NEO Battery Materials Ltd. (OTC:NBMFF) Stock Gains Momentum: Now What?

Appointments of key personnel often propel companies into the limelight and inspire considerable interest from investors. Yesterday, it was NEO Battery Materials Ltd. (OTC:NBMFF) that came into focus after making such an announcement. The company, which is focused on enabling longer-lasting, fast-charging lithium-ion batteries, announced yesterday that it had appointed a new lead managerial advisor in the form of the well-known pioneer of the battery industry, Ricky Lee. In the news release, it is noted that Lee has been involved in the capacity of a battery and energy industry executive for 35 years.

He held considerable experience in mass production technology, equipment and process development at widely known companies, battery materials, and cell design. Over the course of his career, he served as Chief of Project Engineering and Senior Vice President for a number of Korean and Chinese batter cell manufacturing companies with a global presence.

For instance, he had been employed at A123 Systems, one of the earliest LFP battery companies in the United States; Samsun SDI, the 5th biggest battery manufacturer; and the 6th biggest battery manufacturing company, SK Innovation. Additionally, Lee had also served in the capacity of Chief Executive Officer at some global companies.

He was also a member of the WPM Operations Committee and the National Research Review Committee. The Chief Executive Officer and President of NEO Battery Materials, Spencer Huh, spoke about the appointment as well.

He noted that there was widespread excitement at the company at the prospect of having Lee as the lead manager. He went on to list some of his achievements in the sector and noted that Lee’s considerable expertise would help in boosting NEO Battery Materials’ move into silicon anode development considerably. He added that Lee’s network in the industry would also help NEO Battery Materials commercially.