Premier Graphene Inc. (OTC:BIEI) Stock Gains 18% After Major Update

Investors are known to look for innovative companies every day owing to the potential upsides, and one such company that could be closely followed at this point is the innovative biographeme sector company Premier Graphene Inc. (OTC:BIEI). On April 17, the company came into focus after it announced that it had hit a path-breaking new achievement through the integration of graphene with construction materials. It was a major new milestone for the company since it marked a major advancement in the materials science and construction sectors.

The company conducted thorough testing and research and went on to show the considerable potential of graphene to change the face of building materials that could be deployed in infrastructure projects all over the world. The company announced that in the recently concluded in-house studies, Premier Graphene had managed to demonstrate the unprecedented quality of graphene-fortified hydraulic concrete.

The company noted that the results showcased an unmatched improvement in the performance of the cement, which led to the development of products of higher quality. The graphene-infused cement provided both higher strength and resistance, in addition to faster drying times. Both of those attributes would lead to substantial savings with regards to large construction projects.

The Chief Executive Officer of ESTRUCTURAS DUARTE and licensed structural engineer Oskar Duarte spoke about the merits of the product as well. He called the products amazing and went on to predict that they would revolutionize the construction and cement industries.

He went on to note that the product did not only reduce drying times considerably but also made structures stronger in a matter of only 14 days. Premier Graphene stated that the preliminary tests, which had been conducted over a period of 14 days, had produced positive results, and a final report would be due in 12 days.