CV Holdings, Inc. (OTC:CVHL) Stock On Watchlist After Latest News

Considering the fact that CV Holdings, Inc. (OTC:CVHL) was in the news cycle on Tuesday, it could be a good move for investors to consider keeping an eye on the stock this morning. Yesterday, it emerged that the company’s subsidiary, Centra Funding LLC, an independent equipment finance company, had completed the acquisition of the LeaseQ Restaurant and Franchise Team along with the related equipment finance platform LeaseQ.

The acquisition transaction had been made with TimePayment Corp. In the news release, Centra Funding further announced that it was going to continue to collaborate in its partnership with TimePayment to provide instant approvals related to microticket franchise and restaurant transactions. It was also noted that the strategic investment made by Centra Funding was also a demonstration of its commitment to the food service industry as well as its diligence in providing unmatched financing support and products.

Centra Funding also stated that, under the guidance of its highly experienced team of professionals, the newly launched Centra Culinary Finance brand would continue to deliver top-class customer service, help in growing strong partnerships, and work on the growth of the food service industry through the LeaseQ platform.

In this context, it is also important to point out that LeaseQ had been established in 2011 and had served as an online marketplace that provided its services to businesses, which could apply directly to equipment financing, finance companies looking for businesses to fund, and equipment dealers looking for a financing solution at the POS (point of sale). The President of Centra Funding, John Boettingheimer, spoke about the latest transaction as well. He noted that everyone at the company was delighted at the prospect of welcoming the LeaseQ Restaurant and Franchise Team to the fold. He went on to note that the Centra Funding team was pleased to adopt the LeaseQ platform for transforming its offering.