Should you buy Research Frontiers, Inc. (NASDAQ: REFR)?

The Woodbury-based nanotechnology company Research Frontiers, Inc. (NASDAQ: REFR) surged 3.21% to close at $2.25 on Friday after moving in the range of $2.18 – $2.34 throughout the day. The stock has a yearly trading range of $2.01 – $5.66. The company is known for SPD-SmartGlass technology. Research Frontiers had recently reported its first-quarter 2021 financial results. But, first, let us have a glance at the financial and stock performance. 

Financial results 

The revenue of REFR came in at $213.12K, down 40.16% from a year before. The company’s net income was reported at $557.31K, going up 10.77% from the same period from a year prior. The net profit margin of Research Frontiers is 261.50%, a decrease of 49.12% compared to a year-over-year basis. The company’s operating income is $557.65K, depicting a rise of 13.89% on a year-over-year basis. The company had a net change in cash of $556.74K, up 26.22% from a year before. Meanwhile, the cash on hand is registered at $4.22 million, down 27.78%. The company’s cost of revenue came in at $625.60K, registering a drop of 23.75% on a YoY basis. 

Stock performance over the time

The stock has dropped 1.48% in the last five days, with a fall of $0.034 in the price. Since June 14, 2021, the stock went down 3.02%, registering a downtrend of $0.070. REFR has remained bearish even in the last six months. Since the beginning of this year, the stock has dropped 27.65%. The investors who’ve been carrying the stock in portfolio for a year now, haven’t got a chance to rejoice. There has been a downtrend of 34.40%, with the stock falling $1.18. There has been no respite from the din in the last five years. Research Frontiers has remained continuously down, even for the ones for the long haul.