What’s the Deal with Uranium Royalty Corp (NASDAQ: UROY)?

Uranium Royalty Corp (NASDAQ: UROY) was up 9.84% on Friday and closed at $2.68, gaining 24 cents on the go. The stock moved within the range of $2.47 – $2.77 on July 9, moving closer to its 52-week high of $3.81. The 52-week low for this stock is $0.75. The stock had its last close at $2.44. The company has its headquarters in British Columbia in Canada. The market capitalization of the company is 276.47M CAD. 

C$37 million financing package deal completed recently 

In May, Uranium Royalty Corp had announced that it had finalized the C$37 million package, which included C$25 million of deal offering along with C$12 million of the margin loan facility. Until May 20, 2021, the company had inventory holdings, equity, and cash of C$70 million. The net proceeds are expected to be used for funding the company’s future royalties purchases, similar interests, payments to be done for physical uranium, working capital, and other similar streams. 

Stock performance over the time

Looking at the company’s performance over the day, UROY on July 9 jumped 9.84%. There has been a drop of 7.59% in the last five days, but since June 14, the stock has surged 3.47%. Since the beginning of this year, there has been a triple-digit increase in the stock value. With a gain of $1.57 in six months, UROY has gone up 141.44%. Since June 13, 2020, the stock has shown a good enough growth of 239.24%, gaining $1.89. On Friday, 2.6K shares were exchanged in the market against its average trading volume of 278.55K shares. 

This could be a stock of the long haul for investors. In the last five years, the stock has grown 194.51%, giving a $1.77 push to the stock price, which is pretty good for the investors.