Everdime Technologies, Inc. / Rogue Station Inc. (RGST) Introduces new Wallet App “eDime”

There has been no news at all about Everdime Inc/Rogue Station Companies Inc (OTCMKTS:RGST) for more than a month but it ought to be noted that back in April there had been a major development and that makes it worthwhile to take a look into the company.

Back on April 19 Rogue Station Companies had come into focus among investors in a big way after it announced that it had finally introduced the Everdime Mobile Wallet App and that the app was in full beta testing mode at that point in time. It was a significant development for the company considering the fact that the product could eventually be an important one for Rogue Station.

One of the more important features of the app is that it offers users secure access to more than 50 Blockchains and that is something that could well be its USP. However, that is not all. The wallet also provides support to both Android and iOS operating systems. Additionally, there is the option for a fingerprint scan as well. The fact that the wallet is going to be loaded with such features is a factor that cannot be overlooked when considering this particular wallet.

Another thing that needs to be pointed out in this regard is that the Everdime wallet is also going to be integrated with the game development platform Unity. The purpose of this integration is for importing non-fungible NFTs from either the 2D or the 3D metaverse. The CIO of the company Simon Smith spoke about the whole thing at the time. He noted that the company had worked hard and diligently to develop this particular wallet and it had all finally come to fruition. At this point in time, investors could do well to consider keeping an eye on further developments on this front.