Penny Stocks in News: SNNC, MRES, VYBE, IQST

Penny stocks form a highly popular category of stocks and every day millions of investors look for the next big thing from among these stocks. This article is going to provide you with a quick look into four penny stocks that have been in the news in recent days and hence, may deserve some attention.

Sibannac Inc (OTC:SNNC) – If you are interested in the alternative healthcare space then it may be a good time to keep an eye on Sibannac Inc. The company was in the news yesterday after it came up with a key update. It announced that through Immersive Brand Concepts, its wholly owned alternative health subsidiary, it had gone into an exclusive partnership.

The partnership in question is with the creators of an innovative dog collar that uses the power of pheromones for repelling insects. The concept could help transform the way in which pet owners interact with their dogs. The dog collar had been designed by Oklahoma-based Blue Green Earth Sciences. David Mersky, the Chief Executive Officer of Sibannac, noted that everyone at the company was excited at the possibility of associating with the game-changing innovation.

Institute of Biomedical Research Corp (OTC:MRES) – The nutraceutical biotech firm Institute of Biomedical Research Corp is mainly focused on alternative plant-based CBDs, mental health therapeutics and medical psilocybin. Its work is powered by artificial intelligence. Yesterday, the company announced that it had directed Matthew McMurdo, its corporate lawyer of record, to start working on the corporate name change and change in the ticker symbol.

The lawyer had also been directed by the company to begin the process immediately. It was noted that the Institute of Biomedical Research Corp wanted to undergo a name change so that its new name reflects its business interests and aims better. The name would convey the company’s ambitions for expansion and its commitment to delivering innovative solutions in the biotech sector. The company noted that it would keep its shareholders as well as the investment community apprised of the progress with regard to the process.

Limitless X Holdings Inc (OTC:VYBE) – The direct response marketing company is a specialist in the development and marketing of health and beauty products through a number of online platforms. Yesterday, the company announced that it would no longer work with any third-party affiliate networks which do not have any control over their content writers, creative strategists, and media buyers.

The move had been made by the company so that Limitless X Holdings Inc could have complete creative control with regard to customer satisfaction and brand messaging. The company had previously deployed a multi-pronged marketing strategy that made use of both in-house marketing as well as third-party affiliates. The Chief Executive Officer of the company Jas Mathur spoke about the move. He noted that when the company worked with third parties it lost control over marketing content and the portrayal of its own brand.

iQSTEL Inc (OTC:IQST) – The company is a leading multinational enhanced telecom and tech corporation based out of the United States. Yesterday, iQSTEL Inc announced the launch of its Artificial Intelligence-powered Metaverse application. The application had been made available on desktop browsers and in the form of mobile apps on both the Google and Apple app stores.

The app is called iQSTEL Metaverse and had been created by the company’s Enhanced Metaverse AI Division Reality Border. The Chief Executive Officer of the company Leandro Iglesias noted that artificial intelligence and metaverse technology were all set to transform the internet in a big way by 2030.