Penny Stocks in Uptrend: AHRO, DLOC, REEMF, APTY

Investors are often prone to look into the latest trends when they hunt for stocks and more often than not it proves to be an effective strategy. In recent days there have been a number of stocks which have been trading up and it could be a good time to take a closer look into those stocks. Here is a look at four of those.

Authentic Holdings Inc (OTC:AHRO) – Its stock was one of the more notable movers on Thursday as it ended up with gains of as much as 89% amidst heavy interest. There was no news about the company yesterday but on June 20 Authentic Holdings Inc made a key announcement. The company had announced at the time that it had completed the acquisition of Goliath Motion Pictures Productions.

The Chief Executive Officer and President of the company Chris H Giordano, spoke about the matter too. He noted that Authentic Holdings was working on a strategy to turn into a major media and merchandising company, which is why the acquisition was such an important one. He went on to add that Goliath had been successful in building up a massive catalogue over the course of 17 years. That includes 15,000 full-length films and television shows of all genres going back 1940. Giordano added that Authentic Holdings would continue to add to the catalogue every month with future monetization in mind.

Digital Locations Inc (OTC:DLOC) – The company is a leader in the development of disruptive technology and seeks to deliver high-speed internet to smartphones across the world directly through satellites. Digital Locations Inc has been on a roll in the past few days and it continued yesterday as the stock ended up with gains of 5%. That took the gains in the past week to 55%. The company announced on June 27 that it had been accepted as a member of the Satellite Industry Association, a group representing the leading players in the satellite industry in the United States. The SIA is a trade association and it represented the interests of its members involved in the commercial satellite industry in the United States.

Rare Element Resources Ltd (OTC: REEMF) – Its stock has been one of the biggest movers in the past week and during that period it clocked gains of as much as 115%. On June 8 Rare Element Resources Ltd came into focus after it announced that the previously announced $4.4 million grant from the Wyoming Every Authority had been completed.

The grant is meant as a cost reimbursement aware for the expenditures in the future for the construction of the rare earth processing and separation plant located in Upton Wyoming. The plant also garnered support from the United States Department of Energy which had made a financial award of $21.9 million. Wyoming has been highly supportive of the rare earth space and earlier this year Mark Gordon, the governor, signed a bill into law so that the state could assume some aspects of the licensing in the industry.

APT Systems Inc (OTC:APTY) – The financial technology company APT Systems Inc has seen its stock soar by as much as 60% over the course of the past week. There has not been much recent news about the company but at the beginning of this year the company announced that it had appointed development team members from RocketUS LLC.

Those employees would be responsible for helping the company build Verifundr, its escrow service. Additionally, it would also integrate Spera, a stable coin that would be the medium for moving funds from escrow wallets to bank accounts and vice versa.