AITX’s Robotic Devices to Include Weapon Detection & Hosting Public Safety Event in NYC June 30, 2022 – KAVL, BLQC, HNRC, GEVI, more

In recent times, Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions Inc (OTCMKTS:AITX) has emerged as one of the more interesting companies in the artificial intelligence sector, and for good reason too. There has been a wide range of developments that have brought the company into sharp focus among investors and those developments also had an effect on the stock price.

As it happens, the company was in the news yesterday after it made a major announcement in relation to its fully owned subsidiary unit Robotic Assistance Devices Inc. It announced that Robotic Assistance Devices would be the hosts of an event in New York City that is going to be related to public safety technology on June 30, 2022.

The event is going to be hosted at a location in Lower Manhattan and the timings have not yet been decided. In this context, it ought to be noted that not too long ago Robotic Assistance Devices launched two new products. One of those is a gun detection solution powered by Artificial Intelligence and another one is RAD Light My Way.

The latter is a hardware product equipped with a mobile application that will allow students as well as staff at school to create customized surveillance and automatic response systems. In light of the recent events at school campuses, the novelty of RAD Light My Way is quite clear.

In addition to that, not too long ago, it had also been announced by Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions that the 7th version of its analytical software suite would also include weapon detection as one of the functions. The company collaborated with the firm Centralized Vision in order to add the active weapon detection alerts feature to the software suite. Additionally, this service is going to be offered to the customers at no extra cost at all.

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