MidTier Stocks to Watch: KAVL, HNRC, GEVI, SNRG, BLQC

August 11, 2022

Investors are often prone to look into the stocks in the top most tier of the market and while there are many gems in their tier, they may miss out on opportunities that may lie in the lower tiers. This article is going to give you a look into some of the opportunities that may lie in the middle tier of stock. There are plenty of stocks that you could…


US Senate Passes Climate Bill: MMMW, SNRG, GEGR, HNRC, AMYZF

August 8, 2022

The laws of the land have a major effect on the stock market and the passing of new legislation can almost always have a bearing on certain sectors. Not too long ago, the United States Senate passed the Climate Bill and it is going to see billions of dollars in investments flowing into certain sectors. In light of that development, it may be a good time for investors to take…


Energy Players Gaining Momentum: AMYZF, SNRG, HNRC, GEGR, GEMS.C / TLOOF

August 5, 2022

The energy sector has been one of the more sought-after sectors in recent months due to the overall volatility in the sector and many investors have managed to generate considerable returns due to that dynamic. The situation remains the same at this point and hence, it may be a good idea for investors to consider taking a look at some of the stocks from the energy sector this morning. There…


Stocks on the Move: HNRC, BLFE, ZRFY, HHSE, HMNU

August 3, 2022

When stocks are on the move, it is almost imperative for investors to consider checking those stocks out closely. After all, there is always a chance of missing out on stocks that may end up clocking significant gains. This article gives you a look at a few stocks that have been on the move in recent days. Here is a look at three such stocks which you may do well…


Undervalued Stocks to Watch Now! KAVL, PBIO, HNRC, SFET, IPA.V / IPA

July 29, 2022

Seasoned investors are almost always on the lookout for undervalued stocks in the market for the simple reason that it can often lead to considerable long-term gains. Such socks almost always fly under the radar in the market and it is imperative for investors to figure out the stocks which may be worth looking into from that particular perspective. Here is a quick look at three stocks that may be…


Houston Nat Res (OTCMKTS:HNRC) “On the Run” Others w/Breakout Potential Look Now! MMMW, GEGR, SNRG, HALB

July 27, 2022

One of the things that ought to be kept in mind when considering the stock market is that it is often imperative for investors to get into stocks before they breakout. However, that is not often possible and the next best thing is perhaps to look into stocks that have broken out already. This article is going to give you a glimpse into three stocks that have broken out and…


Breaking News – “Short Alert” Houston Natural Resources Corp (OTCMKTS:HNRC) “Oil & Gas” – “Substantial Short Position Co’s ”– PBIO, SNRG, SIGL, SFOR, BLLB

July 25, 2022

Sometimes things may look fairly sound for certain companies but at the same time, the market sentiments for particular stocks may be changing rapidly. For instance, in certain stocks, investors may be building up significant short positions and that may often imply that a selloff could be around the corner. On the other hand, there might be a counter push as well that may lead to a rally following a…