NASDAQ Oil and Gas Report: APA, CHK, TGA, BRY, PRNG

October 15, 2021

Oil prices have been climbing and  oil and gas stocks have been on the move the last week. These stocks should be in your watchlist as some experts expect oil to hit 90 or even higher. TransGlobe Energy Corporation (NASDAQ:TGA) stock has been witnessing major buying activities over the past month with  a jump of over 47% and leading among the top ten stock gainers in the oil & gas…


Action By U.S. Agency To Reinstate Oil & Gas Drilling Leases On American Property Cheered By Domestic Energy Producers

August 20, 2021

Domestic oil producers are cheering the actions of a U.S. regulator seeking to lift federal lease restrictions on oil and gas production and reinstate production leasing programs following a new court order. The Biden administration is appealing the legal ruling — but the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) is moving forward to resume an offshore leasing program that was halted by Biden in January as part of a climate…