OTC Stocks Rising Into Thursday: SHNJF, KEGS, VRUS, WSFT, SIRC, INQD

There are certain stocks that may be a bit under the radar at this point in time but when it comes to successful investing, it is absolutely necessary for investors to ensure that they can unearth some stocks of that nature from time to time. This article is going to take a look at some of those stocks and before the start of the trading day; it may be a…

June 23, 2022

10 X Potential Penny Stocks: WHSI, SRCO, ROAG, SHNJF, GEGI, GEGP

One of the more striking features of penny stocks is that these are stocks that may sometimes generate outsized returns and help investors in generating considerable wealth within a certain period. As a result, the interest in penny stocks remains considerable and every day there are hundreds of thousands of investors who flock to their trading terminals to hunt for the next big thing in the penny stock space. This…

June 22, 2022

Fridays OTC Foreign Watchlist: SHNJF, BXXF, APHLF, BSXGF, WONDF

As everyone knows, the OTC Markets is not only meant for American companies but a large number of foreign company stocks are also available there. Investors who are looking for value may find a number of stocks that may be worth tracking this morning. As the trading week comes to a close, it may be the right time for investors to look into some of the overseas companies listed on…

June 17, 2022

Thursdays OTC Watchlist: SHNJF, HEMP, PRCX, IPSI, HRBR, DPLS

The OTC Markets has created considerable wealth for thousands upon thousands of investors over the course of the past week and it is expected to do so in the future as well. However, the markets are a bit too volatile at this point in time and hence, it may be necessary for investors to be a bit more thorough with their research before getting into any stock. This article is…

June 16, 2022

Adult Beverage Stocks Set To Soar: SHNJF, ICNB, EAST, ABEV, WVVI

The coronavirus pandemic had come as a massive blow to most industries of the world and things were no different for the worldwide liquor industry as supply chain issues brought things to a quagmire. That being said, the worst is behind and the industry is slowly but surely making its way back as bars, pubs, restaurants and other establishments that serve alcohol are reopening. As it happens, the industry is…

June 14, 2022


The OTC market may not get as much coverage in traditional media as one would expect but at the same time, it is important to keep in mind that there are many companies listed in that market that may be worth looking into. After all, investors are in it for generating returns and that should perhaps be the only goal. There are many foreign companies that are listed on the…

June 13, 2022

SHNJF’s Modest Sales Goals Should Be Easy To Reach

May 18, 2022

Rogue Baron (OTCMKTS: SHNJF) believes if it can reach 10,000 cases sold annually, Shinju will be worth $50 million. SHNJF currently sells 3,000 cases of Shinju Japanese Whiskey annually. 7,000 more cases annually would only represent 0.1% of the average annual liquor market growth in the US alone. SHNJF’s Shinju is a high-end liquor with a reasonable price in a fast-growing market, so these projections could be considered conservative. Japanese…


Is Rogue Baron (OTCMKTS: SHNJF) an Ideal Buyout Candidate?

February 8, 2022

The liquor market is littered with success stories where niche brands gain market share and attract a big payday from larger corporations. Liquor brand development company, Rogue Baron plc (OTCMKTS:SHNJF) has a portfolio built for blockbuster buyouts. The company’s portfolio of premium liquors are concentrated on two of the more attractive types of cocktail makers; tequila and Japanese whiskey. The tequila market was estimated to be up 46% last year…


5 Alcohol Stocks On The Move: SHNJF, FMX, ABEV, STZ, KDP, CCU

February 3, 2022

Stocks of companies that make and distribute alcoholic beverages like beer, wine, and liquor are alcohol stocks. Alchol stocks tend to have strong demand regardless of the economy and can be a valuable part of your portfolio. Rogue Baron PLC (OTCMKTS:SHNJF) Rogue Baron PLC is a diversified holding company in the premium spirits industry. The Company’s core focus is developing brands in high-growth categories where opportunity exists to grow sales…