Meten EdtechX Education (NASDAQ:METX) Stock Sees Heavy Pressure: Will It Rebound?

September 8, 2021

Meten EdtechX Education (NASDAQ:METX) was down 40% in a week. The company has closed an underwritten public offering with gross proceeds of $60 million before accounting for commissions, discounts, and other offering expenses. the offering includes 22.5 million common shares of the company at an offering price of $0.3 per share and 177.5 million pre-funded warrants. The company offered the pre-funded warrants at an offering price of $0.2999 for each…


Meten EdtechX Education (METX) Stock Takes a Hit: Moves To a New Low

September 3, 2021

The English language training service industry may be a thriving industry in China but the Meten EdtechX Education (NASDAQ:METX) did not have a particularly great time in the markets yesterday as it suffered from an almighty selloff. The Meten Holding stock collapsed by as much as 57% yesterday as investors reacted to the announcement from the company with regards to the pricing of its underwritten public offering. The public offering…