Altered states (it’s mistrust, stupid)

The public’s distrust of the government is not a pest that comes from some exotic region. It is generated by the government from the inside out. They are not reliable because Alberto, Cristina and Massa do not trust each other, they play off-side, they hope that the other will do badly, and if one of them does not, the others will not help. The public, who has a pampas nose…


Gasoline sales remain 41% below February

The agricultural activity allowed that the diesel sales did not fall as much as those of gasoline. In June, the dispatch of that fuel is 15% lower than that used in cars, which is still 41% lower than in February. On average, stations dispatch 28% less liters and cubic meters than before the pandemic. Service stations are requesting assistance from the Executive Branch in the payment of salaries, through the…


The new batch of the $ 10,000 Anses bonus will be paid from June 8

The government officially announced that the new batch of the $ 10,000 bond provided by the Anses is beginning to assist the most unprotected sectors in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. It will be charged from June 8. As Clarín anticipated, this payment will reach 9 million beneficiaries and like the first batch it will have an amount of $ 10,000. The announcement was made from the Government House…